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Discuss your SMSF accounting and SMSF taxation needs with The SMSF Accountant. View our professional services and competitive fees.

Basic Accumulation Fund

The SMSF Accountant can assist with all of your SMSF accounting and tax compliance requirements including:

  • Data entry and preparation of trial balance, financial statements and member statements of the SMSF on an annual basis.
  • Preparation and lodgement of the annual SMSF taxation return, including liaising with the ATO where required in the capacity of tax agent.
  • Liaison with the Auditor of your SMSF on your behalf in order to obtain the annual audit report.
  • Preparation and maintenance of the capital gains tax register, provision of investment reports, preparation of annual minutes for the Fund.

Minimum $950 plus GST per year

Where the fund has complex investments or there is a large amount of share trading performed, we will provide a competitive quote based on hours required to perform the work.

Account Based, Accumulated or Market-Linked Pension Fund

The SMSF Accountant can assist with all SMSF accounting and tax compliance requirements as per above, and also including;

  • Calculations performed for segregation, part-pension or full pension modes with regards to member balances and the exempt pension deduction.
  • Preparation of all minutes and forms required to start, roll over, or maintain the pension as required.
  • Liaison with an Approved Actuary as required.

Miminum $1,100 plus GST per year

Accounting for GST

Where your fund is registered for GST for a specific reason (such as ownership of commercial property), The SMSF Accountant can prepare the trial balance and the quarterly or annual GST return and lodge the GST return with the ATO.

We are happy to provide a quote for GST accounting services based on hours required to perform the services.

Related Compliance Services

The SMSF Accountant can arrange for independent audit services to be performed on your SMSF annually and we will liaise with the auditors so you don’t have to. We can also arrange for quality, low cost actuarial services, as and when required for your fund.

Audit of the financial statements $270 plus GST minimum

Approved Actuary Certificate $160 plus GST